How to Start Walking #1Dog1Hour

Our main shelter here in Austin, Austin Animal Center, makes it SUPER easy to start walking dogs -- no volunteer training required. In a nutshell: Walk in off the street, grab a leash, and look for dogs with green dots on their kennel cards. To get involved with #1Dog1Hour outside of Austin, just give your local shelter a call and ask if you can stop by to help exercise the dogs. Many have similar volunteer programs already in place, and we'd love to hear about ALL of them! 

Drop us a line (via Instagram messenger, for now) and let us know where & how you're walking dogs so we can add them to our resources list -- on our blog, 1 Hour With (coming soon!), including many more ways to get involved here in Austin, too.

Drop By The East Side

Head to Austin Animal Center on the East Side (7201 Levander Loop, Austin TX 78702) any day of the week from 11 am to 7 pm.

Follow the signs with instructions on how to walk a dog, or ask a volunteer for a shelter tour. Any medium or large breed dog with a green dot on their kennel card can be walked inside the shelter perimeter without volunteer training!

Log Some Doggie QT

Once you've picked out your walking buddy, take them around the interior shelter grounds for a nice, long, sniffing walk, head to one of the fenced-in dog runs for some off-leash play time, check out the agility equipment... or do all three!

Check out our Instagram video of Marley (adopted!) splashing in the doggie pool at one of our recent #1Dog1Hour team visits to AAC.

Share Your New Friend!

Take a pic with your new friend & post it to Instagram, along with some quick notes about the dog: his/her likes & dislikes, anything you think potential adopters should know! Log it on the board before you leave the shelter, too, to help future volunteers.

Tag @1Dog1Hour or #1Dog1Hour 
We'll share our favorites daily to help amplify your efforts to get more dogs adopted & out of the shelter. Together we CAN save them all!