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Are you one of those people who is always talking to your friends' and family,
both in person and on social media, about the importance of "Adopt Don’t Shop?"

Are you always sharing fundraisers, news & opportunities to help shelter dogs?

Do you post more dog photos/videos on social media than even you feel comfortable with?
Do you already volunteer regularly, but wish you could do MORE to solve dog rescue problems?

If you answered YES over and over again, you're our type of people...and we want to talk! 
Be the face and voice of #1dog1hour in your city & help us recruit more volunteers to the mission.

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Help us get more people through shelter doors

Misconceptions about shelters and rescuing dogs abound. Maybe you've heard some of them. "They've all been abused and are aggressive." "It would break my heart to visit a shelter." "If I went to a shelter, I wouldn't be able to resist adopting them all." However, just visiting a shelter can assuage many of these fears and reduce those overwhelming feelings. We believe that if more people truly knew what shelters and the dogs inside were like, more dogs would be adopted and fostered. It all starts when hearts are softened toward the realities, not myths, of the lives of shelter dogs. 

Help shelter dogs get more exercise + socialization so they're more likely to be adopted...maybe even that day

Statistics show that simply walking a shelter dog increases their chances of being adopted. How is that possible? Walking a dog improves their sociability, decreases their anxiety, and provides much needed exercise. All of these things increase the likelihood of a potential adopter choosing that dog from all the others. A bonus benefit of walking a dog is that it's neighbors will also benefit from the dog's lowered stress level. Dog's feed off each other's energy, so less barking and stressful behaviors in the crowded kennel are all around good things. 


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Help us amplify shelter efforts to market + advertise shelter dogs by posting them on social media!

1Dog1Hour is primarily a social media campaign, so we're spreading the word about walking shelter dogs and all of its benefits (for the humans and dogs) on Instagram! We know there are lots of dog lovers out there with busy schedules who would LOVE to know about this no-commitment / high impact way to help dogs, and we want to get the word out! As an ambassador, you would be helping us spread the word about #1dog1hour in your city!

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